How to Prepare for Your Eyelash Extension Appointment

Here are 5 tips on how to prepare for your eyelash extension service:

1. If you wear waterproof mascara, discontinue use 3 days prior to your appointment. The compounds in these products will remain on the lashes, even after properly cleansing. This will prevent the extension adhesive from properly bonding with your lashes and your extensions will not last long.

2. Arrive with a freshly clean face and impeccably clean lashes.
Residual oils and makeup remaining on the lashes will only prevent the adhesive from properly bonding. This point needs to be stressed – do not arrive still wearing eye makeup. Less cleaning. More time. More lashes. It is absolutely acceptable to wear facial and brow makeup, but NO EYE MAKEUP.

3. Avoid oil based products on and around the eyes.
Apply eye cream sparingly, if at all. If you use an oil based makeup remover, make sure that is removed completely from the eyes as well. Oil is the kryptonite to lash adhesive.

4. Remove your contacts, if you wear them. I recommend my clients wear glasses the day of service. It’s recommended to bring your own case for lenses. Be prepared to wear your glasses after the service, as application of contact solution will wet the lashes. Being contact free is a safety precaution and ensures you leave with happy, healthy eyes and lashes.

5.Please make sure to inform your therapist of any known eye conditions before your appointment, in cases of infections etc…. this treatment may not be suitable at this time.

Happy Lashing!!

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare instructions

1. Keep visits to a sauna, steam room and swimming pool to a minimum and not at all during the first 48 hrs. Be very gentle with your eyelashes.

2. Do not touch your eyelashes or get them wet for the next 24 hrs to allow time for the adhesive to completely dry. After this time, only brush very gently upwards with the lash brush/comb that your therapist will have provided you with.

3. Avoid hot steam from the shower for the next 48 hrs (cool quick showers or

4. Do not rub your eyes excessively or tug at the extensions.

5. Do not use any oil based eye make up remover, and when removing eye make up use a cotton wool bud near the lash line to prevent damaging the bond.

6. Book in for a fill right after your initial set.
Lash extensions are semi-permanent and shed with your natural eyelashes.
Typically, you lose between (approximately) 1 and 6 natural lashes, per eye, everyday. This is perfectly normal. You may experience more or less daily shedding depending on your lash shed cycle and home care of your lashes to maintain your lash extensions, book in 2 weeks after your session to touch-up missing lashes or add in more for fullness. It is much more cost effective to keep up with your refill appointments!